14.5.20 “rewind and fast forward”

After a few choice words “stay alert, control the virus and save lives” beams through the air, the consensus is that lockdown in the UK is still very much in place. We’ve still yet to receive the go ahead to open up shop and we’re in agreement, safety is paramount.

However, that doesn’t stop us from reminiscing.

Like everyone else, my daily routine and boutique was put on pause and I’ve been working hard to stay afloat from home. Although my boutique at Manchester’s Hatch has taken the back burner, its funny the things you miss when you pause to give thought.

{Rewind ~ to pre lock down rituals}

Far from being a conventional “retail shop” a lot of people have been curious as to what my days look like.

My day kicks off with a little walk from Deansgate towards Oxford Road, with headphones blaring last night’s Spotify playlist additions. (Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant atm) I’ll usually be scrolling through my Instagram feed for any news from my Hatch neighbours/favourite brands and weaving in and out of commuters as I reach the Theatre on Oxford road.

Cross the road and I’m craving a coffee. I dive into Takk, exchange humorous anecdotes with the crew and grab a perfectly brewed flat white. Out the door onto the Hatch courtyard, there’s usually a bevy of noise and fine smells from the foodies. Say hello to the boys at Grandads Sausages, place a pre-order and onto the retail section.

Hatch PA is in effect at this point, filling the space beneath mancunian way with life. Unplug my headphones and catch up with my neighbours.

Colourful rails next to my shop, signify that all is in order

and Suzy Loves Milo is in full swing. I chat with Bob throughout the day but usually make it a thing to check for new garms in the morning (they like to sneak in insane pieces on the downlow) I carry that excited energy over to This Thing of Ours and speak to Tim about his new pieces and jokingly pass judgment on people who aren’t willing to give wide fit pants a chance.

I open my door to all the shoes and begin to assess what’s been completed and what needs to be done. (Usually a tricky colour match that’s given me hell the day prior) I begin work, usually late into the evening and watch Hatch transition from a cool day time shopping mall into a unique foodie and boozie chill spot.

I also fall for the transition and grab a few honey tequila margeritas from Number 8 Cocktails or shofferhoffers from Electric Box. No two days are the same, with customers dropping off crazy grails and friends dropping by to hang out, its all random and its amazing.


Speaking to my friends, Tim (This Thing Of Ours) and Bob (Suzy Loves Milo) its clear I’m not the only one on a nostalgia trip. We’re all independent businesses at Hatch and its been tough one but we’ll be back, better than ever. In the meantime check out our mail service or grab a t-shirt. Check out our friends  www.depop.com/suzylovesmiloboutique/  www.thisthingofours.co.uk and the Hatch instagram @hatchmcr


See you soon guys x

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  • Love nostalgia and love wide fit pants!


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