16.5.22 - sneaker pharm x nike

We've kept this one quiet for a long time but I can't actually describe the feelings running through my body whilst I'm typing this caption. It is so surreal in the best possible way and every fibre of my body is filled with emotion.

Nike are featuring sneaker pharm* in their upcoming 50th Anniversary campaign. The campaigns will drop over the next week via the nike app under the members sections.

It hasn't quite hit home yet but my excitement and emotions are working overtime and I'm so grateful that I'm sharing this with you all.

From initial emails, zoom meetings and everything in between, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Nike.

Thank you for genuinely listening to my story, asking about my vision and future plans, recognising and supporting my passion.

I've always been motivated to show progression and innovate in everything I do but this experience has given me pure adrenaline and an unwavering energy.

I swear I will keep building sneaker pharm;
Until it becomes the idea inside my head.
Until i can create a place for the community that has supported me since day one.
Until i can create a place that i can promote this energy to everyone.
Until i can create a place that re-designs how we consume.

The best decision I've ever made -was to quit everything, sell everything and risk it all to "just do it"

From the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU EVERYONE.

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