17.12.21 - reflection

2021 has been a mad one for sneaker pharm.

The start of the year saw us driving roughly 3000 miles as we adapted through lockdown with our collection service.

We then left lockdown and opened in April into uncertainty and massively reduced footfall.

Then I was hit by covid in June and ended up in hospital and away recovering for a month.

Each thing seemed to have its own set of obstacles and challenges affecting my body, mental state, motivation and finances. But I came back.

I returned and reopened into a bigger shop and have begun pitching together the future in my head, more excited than ever.

Building a brand alone isn't easy and it starts with inspiration, hard work and sheer determination.

Even with all those obstacles I powered through and I'm beyond excited:
To carry on.
To develop.
To show you the sneaker pharm inside my head.

I always see sneaker pharm as a reflection of myself. Hopefully I'll be able to develop it and grow it till its exactly how I picture it in my own head.

It goes without saying I wouldn't be sat in my shop typing this mental note out if it wasn't for each one of you.

So thank you for all the support so far. Deepest deepest gratitude for you all. 🙏

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