19.5.22 - Nike am97 unlocked

Introducing the Nike airmax 97 unlocked by vinnie, releasing as part of Nikes 50th anniversary.

Inspired by zen gardens and @sneakerpharm extending product life cycles. My design approach was to create a product that was hard wearing and one that could remain good looking over time.

Being around shoes everyday, I've come to really appreciate suede as a material. It's incredibly hard wearing and it's appearance changes very little over time if properly cared for.

The colours were influenced by zen gardens with stone and sand being the theme. With its clean and minimal colour palette its easily styled but also lends itself perfectly to dip dyes in the future.

My focus was on texture and longevity, I hope you like it as much as I do. These will be available today 19.5.22 via the nike app. Keep an eye on stories for a link to purchase.

A huge thank you to @nike for this incredible opportunity, for lending your platform to share my vision, for sharing my story as part of your 50th and for this momentous moment of inspiration.

Available on the nike app via link: https://nike.app.link/CLVgH9fl6pb

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