22.4.21 - 'earth day'

I'd like start by saying thank you for all the support and kind words, it's been an awesome welcome back for us and I'm more than grateful. 


Today is earth day its been amazing to see the response towards our service. Many customers have saved shoes which would otherwise end up being discarded. In the UK alone we throw away an average 300 million pairs of shoes yearly. That's yearly. Most end up in landfill and never biodegrade. We are polluting our planet through our actions. I just urge you to think twice about your shoes.

There's a podcast segway in here somewhere re: reselling and shoes as investments with pros and cons. Although annoying, there's a positive byproduct in the sense that sneakers commanding higher values will be cared for for longer periods of time.


Do the high values on the resell market extend the product life cycles of sneakers? 

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