25.6.21 - hospital

I was administered into hospital on the 17th June with complications from COVID 19. It was eye opening and scary. The good news is i was discharged on the 24th and i'm recovering slowly. I still need to regain my ability to breath and motor skills but i'm taking a little bit more time before reopening the boutique. 

It was a real eye opener, it helped me re-evaluate everything and really put into perspective how i am and also the power of the community as a whole. There was a lot of positive energy being sent my way and I believe it helped me through. 

I rarely take acclaim or compliments as i downplay it a lot but its coming upto the 2nd year anniversary for sneaker pharm* 

and i just want to scream

im fucking good

im glad i can do good by you

hopefully i can do good for you guys forever

I cant wait to regain my body and health. I cant wait for the next chapter. Everyone has ups and downs but im locked in and focused. 

Love life. See you soon x

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