27.5.20 "Possibility"

Possibility {noun}

    a thing that may happen or be the case.

    a thing that may be chosen or done out of several possible            alternatives.

I cant deny that its been difficult to stay positive during these times. I'm normally an extremely positive person but I've had some days filled with zero productivity and worry. However, this isn't the first time I've come across uncertainty and i actually think i get more creative when my backs against the wall. 

During my undergraduate i learnt that successful businesses were "dynamic" and "creative". Terms that were seemingly just "buzz" words thrown around to court investors. 

However, I have since learnt that there is much more gravity to those words and actually understand the premise. My learning came full circle when i started planning for Sneaker Pharm* and it all started to make sense. The terms are intrinsic to success - embody the business as if its an extension of yourself. 

Stay dynamic and be creative are the things that keep me doing what i do. They're the elements that push me further.

It isn't to stay relevant in the market (thats merely a side effect) Its more to do with a sense of fulfilment. 

I keep these words close and at the forefront of everything else. It's what has sparked a new lease of life in me and im grateful for everyone for helping me understand these words.

A long winded way of saying "I'm working on things". I've attached a screenshot for todays cover picture. Everyone loves a mood-board.

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