27.5.21 - Nike move to zero feature

Senpai noticed me 👀🥺🤯 Nike have featured us in their move to zero campaign. 

Sustainability is the buzz word at the moment.

I like the fact that we champion the concept through what we do. Be it consciously or as a side effect, when you bring a pair of shoes to us you are contributing to a positive change towards sustainable consumption.

The idea of preserving what we have to preserve the planet is intrinsic to what we do. We're constantly refining our processes to #movetozero from reusable cloth bags to the products we use.

For everyone who's supported us we hope to see you again and for those we have yet to meet, we hope you join us on this journey too.

Thank you

feature link - https://nike.app.link/6Cm0j4N1Agb

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