7.5.20 "Business not as usual"

"Business not as usual" - for Sneaker Pharm this phrase has been floating around since late February 2020 and has become the norm for everyone in the UK since March. The COVID-19 pandemic triggered the UK government to impose closures of non-essential businesses to help quell the spread of the disease. 

This has smashed our services drastically as we were forced to temporarily close our boutique. However, this is not a doom and gloom post about the impacts of COVID-19, it is a positive introduction to a new vehicle, a new medium we are exploring and riffing with. The blog will allow us to communicate with all who are interested and act as a pad to share thoughts and ideas.

A novel paradox but it was the right thing to do. The announcement of the lockdown brought about a lot of uncertainty and disruption. (all the things a tiny start-up worries about daily but amplified).

Although constantly aware, I've never really been a fan of thinking into these things too much - these thoughts are strictly reserved for the black and white pages of business plan contingency sections. Although this sounds quite cavalier, it must be noted that i've already had a few weeks to run through the motions of meltdown and recover. In other words: 

To help perpetuate that dream state, i leaned heavy on music, interior design and closely followed the responses of the people and companies i aspired towards. The resilience of these companies, energy in music, comfort in simplistic design and community spirit re-established my thought processes. 

Although i'm not one for sharing my opinions on what i've achieved, its good to take stock and look at the positive things that have happened so far and determine the key drivers for these milestones. So with Jamie xx and Bombay Bicycle Club as my soundtrack i set about this task. 

During a mandated 1 hour run through the city, it became immediately obvious that the keys were positivity and gratitude. 

Positivity - i've still got ideas and huge goals that need to be realised and nothing has taken those away.

Gratitude - you guys have given me the courage to do what i do and dream. The community has always been the heart of everything. It was a key point in my business plan and i've resided with this thought throughout the quieter times, the hard times and its proven true every time.

Fast forward to today and i'm pleased to announce that the sneaker pharm mail order service is live. Funny how things work out but out webstore has unlocked so many more ideas and will act as a springboard and i cant wait to share them with you guys.

Keep an eye on our webstore for regular updates and new items- 



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