8.5.20 "Game Royals"

Today started off just like any other day in lockdown. I woke up, ate some food, debated what to do during my one-hour exercise window and inevitably began winding down for sleep.

Except today isn’t just any day – it’s a Nike pre-release day and it’s the reason why I’m still up at 4.40am scanning through the Sole Supplier website and checking the Nike sneakers app.

The release in question that has caused all this irrationality? - The Jordan 1 Game Royals. The Jordan 1 silhouette was first produced for Michael Jordan in 1984 and is considered by many to be the shoe that started it all. If you’ve watched the Last Dance (the new Netflix documentary about Michael Jordan) you’ll know all about the hype.

I wasn’t always into the hype and I must admit that my love affair for the 1s only started in 2018 when they released the Bred toes. I’m not normally a fan of high tops and was dubious at first but later decided to pull the trigger and went out to stake my place in queue.

Once secured and in my hands, I was offered double the retail price on the spot and as tempting as it was, I refused and made my way home. I’ve been to a fair few releases since and have secured many a grail but

no experience has stuck to me more than when I got my first pair of Jordan 1s.

Upon opening the box, I remember being greeted to a unique scent, most likely attributed to the glue and premium tumbled leather. (No other shoe to date has had such a unique sweet scent). I quickly removed the tissue paper to reveal the shoes and at this point, all buyers remorse went out the window. Nike decided to use a premium tumbled leather for that release, and I was grateful for it. After conducting numerous in hand 360s I set about trying them on and

I was instantaneously converted into a high top man.

The footbed and insole was the first thing that surprised me – super supportive, yet bouncy. It was easy to see the why the phrase “air Jordan” stuck. The second thing that stood out was the silhouette and the contour from the wearers perspective, its hard to describe with words and even to convey in pictures but its definitely something special. (Jordan owners will understand)

Its currently 1 hour away from the scheduled release time, the birds are out chirping, the sun is rising and my eyes weary but I’m full of energy. I’m nervous and my heart is racing, I’m frantically checking my emails for any raffle confirmations, borderline manic and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

However, a part of me is bracing itself for failure. The “Royal” colourway has appeared previously in slightly different guises and all command huge figures on the resale market, fetching prices upwards of £400 on ebay and depop.

The shoes are highly coveted. There will be a limited supply. There will be competition. There will be blood.

Sneakers aren’t just sneakers anymore they’re traded and sold like stocks. I see them as a new commodity -The millennials commodity.

30 minutes and counting. Its time to load up the browsers and set my alarm clock. Wish me luck.

… And if it doesn’t go my way, I can take solace in the fact that I got lucky on a used pair of New Balance ct300 made in England’s.

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