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    Door to Door Service Available Now

Door to Door Service Available Now

We are a premium shoe care boutique

Established in 2019, Sneaker Pharm proudly stands as Manchester's premier destination for premium shoe care. Influenced by fashion and sneaker culture, our boutique offers a bespoke and tailored service crafted for your cherished footwear and handbags.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional London shoe shiners of yesteryear and embracing the Japanese principles of wabi-sabi, Sneaker Pharm specialises in an array of services, including cleaning, stitching, repainting, resoling, and other restorations.

Welcome to Sneaker Pharm, where your shoes not only receive expert care but become part of a movement towards conscious fashion and a sustainable tomorrow. Discover the difference in our meticulous approach and join us in reshaping the narrative of footwear care.

Our goal is to promote sustainability and influence consumer behaviour for the positive by providing an option to extend the life of your shoes. We strongly believe that we can make a difference to the zeitgeist of fast fashion and hopefully promote change towards a sustainable future in the footwear industry.


Flagship store
Located in the heart of Manchester City Centre

28 Dale Street
Northern Quarter
M1 1FY

Tue - Sat: 12pm - 8pm
Sun: 12pm - 7pm
Monday: CLOSED