13.6.20 "a story of two weeks"

One year ago today I had just finished fitting out the shop and was filled with nervous excitement. The 6 months of planning had finally become a reality. 

It wasn't without its risks, I had spent all my money on the build and was literally down to my last £20.00

I was lucky to have paid a deposit on the rent which meant I had a two week window to start making money. 

No one came into my shop in the entire first week, except my friends from suzylovesmilo who helped me with some of their personal collection.

Then my first real customer with a pair of yeezys in the second week. Totalling £18.00 in two weeks.

I was running to the end of the two weeks but I stayed positive. People around me were already making money and I was in the red but for whatever reason i just stayed positive. 

Then out of the blue, I love Manchester, Manchesters Finest and Manchester Confidential ran some pieces about Hatch and Sneaker pharm.

And luckily we are still here to tell the tale 1 year on.

A huge thank you to everyone that has supported me so far and to all the friends I've met thus far - big big love xo

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